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Kalzyme is a naturally occurring enzyme.   It has been thoroughly tested for many applications in laboratory settings, with Veterinary Dermatologist, Veterinary Dentists and Biotech specialists.  Kalzyme has NO known side effects, reactions or allergies associated with Kalzyme because of its purity and stability.   The Enzyme has a GRAS classification - Generally Regarded As Safe and is an AFFCO approved ingredient.   The enzyme is approved for human use in Europe.  Safety and toxicology has been documented with more than 3.5MM doses administered. Clinical trials for both our dental and dermal applications have been extensively tested on animals in the United States. The results have demonstrated not only their safety, but also Kalzyme’s potential as an effective product proven to reduce microbial adhesion, reduce inflammation, and act as a soft-tissue healing agent. For more safety information and a safety report, please feel free to contact us.

When bacteria colonize an area—in a pet’s mouth, or on a hotspot, for instance—they attach to surface proteins. The bacteria secrete biofilm, a “glue” containing proteins and starches, which works as a cover, protecting the bacteria. The unique features of the enzyme in Kalzyme make it super-active at about 37°C (around normal body temperature for cats and dogs), allowing it to prevent bacteria from causing infection or forming plaque and tartar.

As a company founded by veterinarians, specialists, and animal health industry professionals, we understand the unique needs and challenges of the veterinary community and its clinics.   We are 100% in support of the veterinary community and offer commercial accounts to help you bring Kalzyme to your patients.  Please email us at vet@lucidianlifesciences.com.