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Enzymes with catalytic power

Enzymes are proteins catalyzing virtually any reaction going on in living organisms, with incomparable specificity and efficiency. Some enzymes turn food into nutrients, while others contribute to the production of energy or cellular components. Other enzymes are involved in host defense, communication, or reproduction. This makes enzymes central to the circle of life. They all guarantee the survival of cells, whole organisms, and their progenitors. All of nature with its great variety and stunning beauty is the result of enzyme action.

Previously the predominant thinking in the industry was that it is necessary to eradicate as many bacteria as possible to heal dermal and dental issues. However today we understand that it is important to maintain a healthy microbiome.

We focus on enzymes because of their unrivalled catalytic power and their ability to prevent the binding of potentially pathogenic bacteria. All while keeping a healthy microbiome. 


Enzymes and their potential in the global animal health market

The total oral health market for dogs consists of three sectors:

  1. The use of Bulk Chemicals
  2. pH Adjustment
  3. Enzymes & Other Naturals

The market distribution between the sectors is estimated to be as follows.



Bulk chemicals are predominately used in oral health care. Most bulk chemicals are highly effective against bacteria and even other pathogens but may cause severe side effects, especially on long term use as intended in preventive health care.

The same is true also for pH adjusting products. The side effects may not be seen as severe, but they do have a negative effect on the microbiome. This in turn may have consequent negative health effects, including damaging effects on vital organs such as the brain and the heart.

Enzymes solutions may be seen as a paradigm shift in dermal and dental health care as enzyme products use nature’s own tools to promote dental and dermal health. One type of enzyme products uses enzymes for the production of bactericidal chemicals, which are similar to the bulk chemicals mentioned above. The other type prevents attachment of bacteria through hydrolytic action. Further additives may be added to prevent adhesion.

There are other natural products than enzymes on the market. The most well-known being PlaueOff, an alg based product with systemic function.