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Dental Spray Product Information


Remove the protective cap on the nozzle. Spray inside the mouth to create a thin layer on your pet's teeth and gums. 

- Spray each side of the mouth (left and right), both upper and lower teeth (that is, 2 sprays on each side for medium- sized dogs).

- Apply the product twice daily (morning and evening).

- Keep food and water out of reach for 30 minutes after applying the product.

- Repeat spraying on both sides for at least 2 - 4 weeks.

Spraying Instructions:

Remove the protective cap on the nozzle. Rotate the nozzle to 90° angle.  Gently lift the upper lip of the animal with one hand. Hold the spray nozzle 2 - 5 cm (1 - 2 in.) from the teeth and gums of the animal and spray gently over the entire teeth and gum area.

Dosing per mouth side

- Small dogs (<10 kg) and cats: 1 - 2 sprays

- Medium-sized dogs (10 - 25 kg): 2 sprays

- Large dogs (>25 kg): 2 - 3 sprays